Roma Chatterji

Grant Period: Over one year

For research towards a comparative study of Bengal scroll painting and Gond art from Madhya Pradesh. The researcher will travel to the Naya village in West Bengal, home of the Patuas who create the pata chitra paintings, and to Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, home of the Gonds. She will explore their visual landscape in light of the changes that their art has undergone due to state patronage and market forces.

Shabani Hassanwalia

Grant Period: Over one year

For the making of a documentary film on the local Ladakhi film industry. The film will explore how and why the Ladakhi film industry emerged, how it sustains itself and where it wants to go.

Shalini Panjabi

Grant Period: One year

For research and field work to compile Sindhi oral narratives in the border region of western Rajasthan and Kutch. In particular, the various forms of the premakhyans (love narratives), which are the most popular of the various Sindhi oral narratives, will be contextualised and investigated. The research will lead to a series of articles or a short monograph.

School of Women’s Studies, Jadavpur University

Grant Period: Over two years

For building of an archive of photographs of urban middle-class women of Bengal from the 1880s to the 1970s. The project will critically and thematically archive and read the economy of photographic practices including modes of representation and resistances connected with the lives of urban middle-class Hindu/ Brahmo women in Bengal.

Subhendu Dasgupta

Grant Period: Over one year

For research into and documentation of the history of cartoons in West Bengal and Bangladesh towards a book in Bengali.

Rudradeep Bhattacharya

Grant Period: Over nine months

For preparatory research towards a screenplay for a feature-length film on Hindi writer Nirmal Verma. Through in-depth historical research on Verma’s European period, study of Verma’s published and unpublished writings, interviews with individuals who played significant roles in Verma’s life, the researcher will extend his literary knowledge of Nirmal Verma into a cinematic language.

Khoj International Artists Association

Grant Period: Three Years

For three editions of the annual summer artists’ residencies, PEERS. The grant will enable Khoj to offer ten residencies, and hold a one-time retrospective exhibition of art work emerging from PEERS. It is expected that this continued support for PEERS will expand the initiative’s reach and scale, and facilitate a greater engagement of contemporary artists with the public at large.

Puppet House

Grant Period: Three Years

For a series of intensive and rigorous theatre and puppetry workshops with students, teacher trainees and teachers, with a view to reinforcing and institutionalising theatre arts pedagogy in primary and collegiate education in the Dharwad area.

M K Raina

Grant Period: Over six months

A thirty-five-day theatre workshop in Akingam village in Kashmir, with the purpose of reviving and revitalising the Bhand Pather theatre form. Performed in open spaces, especially as part of community celebrations, this theatre form has experienced a setback over the last few decades due to the militancy and insurgency in Kashmir. The workshop will reacquaint younger Bhand Pather artists with their legacy.

Marudhar Lok Kala Kendra

Grant Period: Over two months

For a workshop-conference that brings together about eighty folk musicians of western Rajasthan to examine the changes in their music, repertoire and instruments, and discuss questions around the material welfare and dignity of their communities, and articulate their concerns, observations and insights. The findings of the discussions will be put together as a document, which will be circulated among government departments and non-government agencies.