Arts Services

IFA offers 'consulting' services to education institutions, corporations and foundations. IFA organises arts-based customised workshops, arts events and training modules for your employees, customers and students, based on your needs and requirements. IFA provides help with database building as well as research and evaluation of organisations and programmes.

IFA engages in these consultancies and arts services based on our experience of working in the arts over the years. IFA has built the necessary resources and expertise to help you engage with the arts meaningfully, in ways that you wish to and in ways that meets your arts-related requirements.

Currently, as an arts service partner, IFA offers:

  • EXPERIENCE: IFA staff has a range of experience across a variety of areas and disciplines that include film, theatre, literature, music and dance. Over the years, we have developed the resources and expertise to help conceptualise events, create properties and help build capacity, based on your marketing, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and organizational needs.
  • RANGE: The broad range of our grant-making, along with the fact that our staff comes from varying artistic backgrounds, allows us to work across disciplines and themes.
  • ARTIST CONTACTS, NETWORK AND TIE-UPS/SYNERGIES: IFA has relationships with a range of national and international artists from different fields and can liaison with them to service your arts needs.
  • QUALITY: Our experiences in arts and in arts events management ensures that we present uniformly high caliber work. We pay close attention to the technical and logistical arrangements of all IFA events, workshops and courses.
  • MEDIA: There has been an extensive and in-depth media profiling of events organized by IFA. We have on our staff, our own media and arts expert, who leads our media interactions. Over time, our association with quality arts events has come to be recognised by the media.
  • AUDIENCES: IFA events attract a wide range of people, including top corporate executives, media personalities, IT professionals, patrons of the arts, theatre and music enthusiasts, cultural aficionados and students. We customise events to a specific target audience and we also know how to reach out to these groups.