Arts Workshops

We design art experiences for organisations who want to give their employees or their clients the chance to creatively engage them with an art form. Our unique position as an arts funder and our experience in providing such services gives us insight into trends and themes in the arts that could make for innovative and interesting administrative training tools for corporations and educational institutions. IFA’s network includes artists from across the country so we bring you the best talent so as to ensure that you experience is absolutely distinct.

Workshops we have conducted before include forms like Theatre, Filmmaking, Digital Photography, Pinhole Camera Photography, Movement Arts, Puppetry, etc.

One of recent workshops was customised for the in-house designers at Louis Philippe. We put together a three-day Pinhole Camera Workshop where the participants made their own basic pinhole camera, created a customised pinhole camera, took photos with both and developed their own photographs in the in-house darkroom, which they also created. The customised pinhole cameras and the developed photographs were exhibited on their premises.

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