Ananya GML Cultural Academy

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For the production and broadcast of thirteen episodes of a radio programme on Carnatic music for middle school children across Karnataka, and publication and dissemination of printed support material. The programme will cover the basic concepts of Carnatic music such as raga, tala and composition, various composers, musical instruments and the concert format. The series be broadcast through all primary channels of All India Radio, Karnataka

Nirman Tirtha Southpoint School & Vidyashram

Grant Period: Over nine months

For an educational and child-centred intervention in an annual Ramlila in Varanasi with the objective of revitalising the traditional theatre form within a contemporary context and helping it to become an annual learning activity for children.

Anurupa Roy

Grant Period: Over four months

For the development of production based on the Ramayana, exploring digital animation and puppetry in performance. Keeping Bhavabhuti’s Ramayana as the main source, this adaptation will reinterpret the love story of Ram and Sita as a tragic one and explore the duality in Ram’s character. A puppet theatre director and a media artist will work with traditional shadow-puppeteers, a contemporary musician, a writer and three contemporary puppeteers to create the production.

Santanu Bose

Grant Period: Over nine months

For the development and staging of three theatre performances that draw on accessible images and texts relating to the history of Naxalite movement. The performances will be seen mainly via live video in an effort to replicate our fragmentary understanding of this movement. Each of the three pieces will be performed on ten occasions and audience responses will be incorporated into subsequent performances.

Rupayan Sansthan

Grant Period: Over two years

For the recording, archiving and transmission of the repertoire of master musicians of the Manganiar tradition of Rajasthan.The new recordings will be held at two locations and made easily available to the musicians, while training camps for Manganiar children and young musicians will feed the repertoire back to the community.

Sandipan Chakraborty

Grant Period: Over two years

For research and writing that explores the relationship between the language of contemporary Bengali poetry (1990-2007) and the emergence of a new, urban middle class. The project will engage with the role of television, the Internet and mobile phones, among other things, in transforming the notion of a poetic language. It will lead to a series of essays that is expected to introduce new ways of reading and new tools of analysis into literary studies in Bengali.