Uttar Pradesh

S Bharat

Grant Period: One year and six months

For research on the soundscapes of the annual pilgrimage –  Kanwar Yatra – where predominantly male devotees of Shiva undertake an arduous journey on foot to ceremonially transport water from the Ganga at Haridwar to various Shiva shrines across North India. Through an ethnographic engagement with the Yatra, this project will focus on its auditory dimensions to explore the ecology of religiosity and popular culture. It is an attempt to understand religious practices and formation of identities in current times.  The outcome of this project will be an essay, combining theoretical insights and ethnographic data. The Grantee’s deliverables to IFA will be an essay, audiovisual documentation comprising interviews with the pilgrims and photographs of the Yatra. Grant funds will pay for an honorarium, travel and food costs, professional fees, library fees, photocopying, book purchase, stationery and an accountant’s fee.

Koyna Tomar

Grant Period: one year

For working with the Delhi Visual Archive housed in the Centre for Community Knowledge (CCK), Ambedkar University, Delhi. The Delhi Visual Archive is a repository of the visual history of Delhi, from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, which includes a current holding of 4,500 digitised photographs. This fellowship supports research that will lead to a curated, online, visual exhibition which will use various vantage points in the city to explore life around it. The Fellow will also collect metadata for images/collections, which will become an important resource for future projects at the Delhi Visual Archive. The outcome of the project will include a virtual exhibition. The Grantee’s deliverables to IFA with the final report will be images, audio recordings, texts, and a publication.

Badri Narayan Tiwari

Grant Period: Over one year

For research and documentation of the Bhagait folk ballad tradition, popular among marginalised and Dalit castes from the Indo- Nepal region bordering Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. The project will investigate the additions, deletions and reinventions in this art form. The research will lead to two critical essays and audio-visual materials, which will be archived at the G.B. Pant Social Science Institute, Allahabad, and other print materials such as posters, pamphlets and articles, which will be uploaded on the Institute’s website.

Nirman Tirtha Southpoint School & Vidyashram

Grant Period: Over nine months

For an educational and child-centred intervention in an annual Ramlila in Varanasi with the objective of revitalising the traditional theatre form within a contemporary context and helping it to become an annual learning activity for children.

Taran Khan

Grant Period: Two years

For a writer and a filmmaker to make a documentary film on the significance of Sufism in the lives of mofussil communities in the Awadh region of Uttar Pradesh. The grandfather and granddaughter pair will begin by looking at the changing perceptions of Sufism within their own family and then branch out to explore the intersection of religious belief, cultural practice and social mores in the Awadh region.

Taran Khan

Grant Period: Over six months

For an exploration of the manifestation of Sufi thought in the lives of mofussil communities in Awadh and Punjab. The project, undertaken by a writer and a filmmaker, will enable them to approach Sufism through the filter of their different perspectives on contemporary Islam. The written texts, audio recordings and still photographs that emerge will generate material for a video film.