Gurvinder Singh

Grant Period: Two years

For preparatory research and documentation towards a film on the Sufi and bhakti music of the Punjab. The audio-visual documentation will be made available to music researchers through cultural organisations.


Grant Period: Over two months

For a four-day meeting that focuses on the presentation and discussion of collaborative arts projects. Bringing together artists from different disciplines and regions, the meeting aims to trigger reflections on the processes, possibilities and challenges of collaboration in the arts while also generating suggestions for future support.

Ranjani Mazumdar

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For research into the social world of the Mumbai film poster, leading to a manuscript. The study will focus on the labour, skills, creative choices and techniques that go into the production of the poster, and its circulation and reception in metros and small towns.

The Seagull Foundation for the Arts

Grant Period: Over two years

For the publication of a national theatre quarterly that gives priority to the voice of theatre practitioners, documenting their creative processes, theatre practices and oral histories.

Centre for the Study of Culture and Society

Grant Period: Over two years

For developing innovative syllabi and introducing new curricula and fresh pedagogical practices in cultural studies through certificate courses, workshops, conferences, consultations and lectures. The project will also generate a database that will contribute towards mapping the field of cultural studies.

Mozhi Trust

Grant Period: Over one year

For cataloguing and microfilming material on early Tamil cinema held at the Roja Muthiah Reference Library in Chennai. The gaps in this collection will be filled by acquiring or microfilming privately-held print material on Tamil cinema, and a database of the enhanced collection will be made available in English and Tamil.


Grant Period: Over ten months

For the second stage of collaboration among a visual artist, a dancer/choreographer and a photographer/visual artist, leading to two installation/performances in Bangalore—around an open well, and in an art gallery. A travelling exhibition, a book and a commentary on the collaborative process are expected to emerge from the project.

Sandesh Bhandare

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For photographic documentation of the folk theatre form Tamasha in rural and small-town Maharashtra. The project will generate a ‘cultural biography’ of Tamasha and a visual record of its entire repertoire, as well as a series of photographic exhibitions in Maharashtra.

Bharat Sharma

Grant Period: Over one year

For a tour by contemporary dancers through the southern states of India, extending the reach of a highway performance circuit called Chaali that was conceived and put in place on the basis of an IFA-supported feasibility study. The tour will strengthen advocacy for Chaali and initiate processes to establish an institutional base for it.


Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For documenting the traditional designs of the cotton handloom weaving industry of Andhra Pradesh. The project will also foster initiatives to produce new designs and create quality textiles in a few production centres in Andhra Pradesh.