Saji Kadampattil

Grant Period: Over seven months

For a performance piece based on research into the life of the Malayalam poet Kadamanitta Ramakrishnan Nair, and into the ritual performance form of Kerala called Padayani. Essentially a musical, the performance will also combine elements of theatre and visual arts in creating a multidimensional artistic experience.

Anitha Balachandran

Grant Period: Over one year

For a series of short animation films based on the life and music of Ustad Abdul Karim Khan. The project explores early sound recording technology and the artist's life within that techno-social moment in history. The project will result in animation works and installations that combine archival material with pieces of obsolete technology such as old cameras and gramophone players.

Kush Badhwar

Grant Period: Over one year

For research, collation and documentation of materials from archives related to the practice of a revolutionary poet who has been an active advocate for a separate state of Telangana. This artistic engagement will be documented through photographs, text, video, and recorded audios of political discourse, conversations and interviews.

Latika Gupta

Grant Period: Over four months

For research at the Munshi Aziz Bhat Museum of Central Asian & Kargil Trade Artifacts in Kargil. It will culminate in an exhibition that will open in the Museum in September, 2014. The exhibition will re-present and contextualize the large collection of historical and ethnographic objects in the museum by constructing narratives around these objects, texts and legacies of the people who have traversed these regions.

Vikram Iyengar

Grant Period: Over eight months

For collaborative exploration between a Kathak dancer and a contemporary dancer, that poses questions for both these artists, pushing the classical dancer to open himself up to contemporary approaches of performance making; and the contemporary choreographer to work with and from the sensibilities of a classical idiom. The outcome will be a performance scheduled to premiere in December 2014.

Anurupa Roy

Grant Period: Over three months

For a fifteen-day puppetry workshop for nine participants from diverse artistic backgrounds with a traditional master Togalu Gombeyata practitioner. First among a series to be held over the next two years, the workshop expects to kickstart the process of building a robust discourse and pedagogy for puppetry in India through intensive training, discussions and artistic exchanges between traditional and contemporary puppeteers and other arts practitioners who draw from puppetry in form, content or aesthetics.

Pallavi Paul and Sahej Rahal

Grant Period: Over one year

For an experimental HD video film on the Mars One project that aims to set up the first human settlement in Mars. Referencing the works of Jules Verne and Franklin Story Musgrave, the video will include scientific reports, plans, charts, confessional videos, personal journals, popular cinema clips and clips of varying audio frequencies interspersed with interviews with future astronauts. The artists also plan to create an exhibition and performance from the material created and gathered for the video.

Gitanjali Sarangan

Grant Period: Over nine months

For the creation of an inclusive programme for thirty pupils of the Puttenahalli Government School and their community, which will make use of creative interventions to build awareness about the environment and water conservation in their neighbourhood.

Blaise Joseph and Atreyee Day

Grant Period: Over nine months

For the creation of a series of art-based experiential learning modules that are exploratory and open ended in nature where the child and the teacher become co-learners, at the Government Primary School, Vijayanagar in Belgaum.