Bengaluru Artist Residency One

Grant Period: Over four months

For the third edition of the India-India residency programme, which nurtures collaboration and exchange among emerging Indian artists. Four artists from diverse cultural backgrounds and regions will spend three months at the BAR1 studios in Bangalore, developing individual artworks. The artists’ work in progress will be exhibited at the end of the residency.

Kali-Kalisu: Arts Capacity Building for School Teachers

Grant Period: Over one year

For an intensive and interdisciplinary residential workshop to train government school teachers to become Masters Resource Persons for arts education in Karnataka. This training will be followed by a series of one-day sessions to assist the teachers to translate their training into actual classroom practice. A two-day international arts education conference for discussing best practices and key themes in arts education have also been planned.

Mir Musicians' Project

Grant Period: Over three months

For training camps, meetings and a concluding music conference to address issues of livelihood among the Mir musicians of Rajasthan and reinvigorate their music traditions. The training of a group of young musicians will be strengthened and local centres for performance will be created and energised. Traditional patrons and the music community will be encouraged to take joint responsibility for keeping the tradition vibrant.

Suresh Acharya

Grant Period: Over two months

For preparatory research and workshops with the rammat artists towards the creation of a performance script based on the acclaimed Hindi poem, Rashmirathi. Theatre actors will study different forms of rammat performances and undertake a thorough analysis of the poem. The eventual vachika abhinaya performance will feature orchestrated speech, a chorus, recitation of the peom in the rammat syle, and musical compositions created with rammat instruments.

Khoj International Artists’ Association

Grant Period: Over three years

For three curatorial residencies, an art writing workshop and an international seminar addressing critical issues of curating Indian art in a global context. These projects will facilitate the development of a model for practice-based curatorial training and encourage cross-cultural dialogue on curating practices.

Jamia Millia Islamia

Grant Period: Over three years and four months

For mapping exhibition policy in India during the twentieth century; documenting select curatorial experiences over the last decade; and analysing the evolving relationship between curatorial practice and public culture. The research processes and outcomes will be captured in an illustrated report. This will be followed by meetings between representatives of museums, art institutions and relevant government ministries, and independent curators, artists and critics towards the preparation and distribution of advocacy materials and a policy-oriented document.

Association of Academics, Artists and Citizens for University Autonomy

Grant Period: Over three years

For a series of five workshops across the country, followed by a colloquium, to conceptualise and design an academic curriculum for curatorial studies. The workshops will be held in smaller towns and cities to ensure that the proposed curriculum accommodates regional discourses, issues and concerns.

Ashavari Mazumdar

Grant Period: Over six months

For the creation of a solo performance based Shurpanakha in the Ramayana, incorporating different readings of this enigmatic character—as a shape shifting raksashi, a beautiful woman, and a victim of patriarchal norms—found in various versions of the epic. The performance will include new songs in Braj, a local dialect of Hindi and create a movement vocabulary extending beyond the traditional repertoire of Kathak.

Sunlight Trust (Goa-CAP)

Grant Period: Over five months

For the ALTlab residency programme, which encourages photographers to experiment with alternative photography processes and materials. Four photographers concerned with form-based experimentation will come together for two months at the laboratory of the Goa Centre for Alternative Photography. Their image experiments will be exhibited at the end of the residency.


Grant Period: Over three years

For three workshops to train young film enthusiasts and film and arts students in the theory and practice of film curation, each culminating in a film festival featuring curatorial packages developed by selected workshop participants. A reference library of film and books will be also created, and a website will offer access to the information and ideas generated at the workshops and festivals.