Zuleikha Chaudhari

Grant Period: Over one year

For the development of RELOCATE in which context, special arrangements, lights, sound, video and the body will be layered to blur the line between the visual arts and performance. Different media will be combined with elements of performance to reflect and contain the complex ways in which we experience the world today. By enabling spectators to locate their bodies and experience within the space of the installation, the artwork will interrogate the nature of the viewing experience.

Sujata Goel

Grant Period: Over nine months

For the development of a solo multi-media performance, She Said She Was a Dancer. Through a series of improvisations, a contemporary choreographer and dancer will explore her own journey as a dancer, ask questions about her artistic identity, and examine her relationship to contemporary dance as a mode of self-expression.

Aasakta Kalamanch

Grant Period: Over two months

For collaboration between four young directors to devise a Marathi stage adaptation of Attempts on Her Life, a play by Martin Crimp. The production will use mobile scenic design and multimedia images to explore the social and psychological complexities of the central character and examine the crisis of identity in contemporary society in Maharashtra.

Thomas Michael (Justin) McCarthy

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For research on the Kshetrayya padam, a form of Carnatic music set to seventeenth century love poetry. The research will lead to a film exploring the representation of the Kshetrayya padam over the last two centuries. The film will examine how the Kshetrayya padam has been transmitted in independent India and how social and historical factors, particularly its association with the Devadasi tradition, have determined the position it now occupies in Carnatic music and the manner in which it has come to be represented in Bharatnatyam performances.

M V Bhaskar

Grant Period: Over two years

For the replication of the seventeenth century Ramayana murals of the Chengam Venugopala Parthasarthy temple on other media, including Kalamkari and digital animation. As an exploration of alternative forms of mural conservation, reconstruction and restoration, the relationships between the visual arts and animation, artists and filmmakers, conservators and the lay public will also be examined. This process will be disseminated via a multimedia website.