Biren Das Sharma

Grant Period: Over two years

For research towards an annotation of hitherto undisclosed material on Indian cinema, including government records, parliamentary debates, interviews, memoranda submitted by trade bodies, and reports of film inquiry committees. The project will highlight the hidden discourses that influence the making of Indian cinema.

Kashinath Barik

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For research towards developing curricula, teaching aids and reference materials for Mayurbhanj Chhau. Teachers, dancers, musicians and designers will come together for practical sessions to help systematise the expressive components of this dance form.

The Seagull Foundation for the Arts

Grant Period: Over three years

For preparatory research towards a travelling exhibition on the life and work of Nirode Mazumdar, considered by many to be an important and unfairly ignored figure in modern Indian painting. The study will also result in catalogues and publications for use in galleries and art schools, and the marketing of an audio-visual package.

Avanthi Meduri

Grant Period: Over one year

For an artistic interaction between a performance scholar and a theatre group towards the completion of a dance-theatre production based on the history of the devadasi and her dance. The production will examine what was lost, preserved and concealed when sadir or dasi attam was reconfigured as Bharatanatyam under the impact of colonialism and nationalism.

Pallabi Chakravorty

Grant Period: Over one year

For field research for a doctoral dissertation on identity formation among women dancers in contemporary India, with a particular focus on Kathak exponents. The study is expected to contribute to visual and cultural anthropology through the analysis of how dance is represented in mass media and public festivals.

Indian National Trust for Art and Culture Heritage (INTACH)

Grant Period: Over two years

For the survey and documentation of mural paintings in temples, palaces, dwellings and caves in Orissa. INTACH’s subsidiary, the Orissa Art Conservation Centre, Bhubaneshwar, will undertake technical studies, scientific analyses and visual documentation of the paintings, and develop conservation strategies in tandem with traditional painters.

Centre for Deccan Studies

Grant Period: Over two years

For research into the architectural styles of the under-documented Deccan region, with a focus on the built heritage of the Qutb Shahi period. Base maps of the Golconda Fort area, and a monograph on the evolution of architectural styles within it, will be prepared, helping leverage support for the development of the area as a heritage zone.

Himanshu Burte

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For research towards the development of a theoretical basis for designing public places for art in India. The study will compare the integrative character of indigenous public spaces with the isolating experience of newer, urban ones. It will result in a series of monographs or an illustrated book.

Pooja Kaul

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For preparatory research towards a documentary film on the Ragamala tradition. Besides exploring its historical, aesthetic and socio-cultural contexts, the study will examine how the conventions of the Ragamala could inform the stylistics of representing the tradition on film. Two short video studies will be developed, suggesting contrasting treatment strategies for the proposed film.

T Pankajaksha

Grant Period: Over two years

For research towards a sourcebook in Kannada on important sculptural traditions in south India. With the aim of enhancing the skills, knowledge and creativity of traditional sculptors, the sourcebook will comprise an introduction to the Shilpashastra; line drawings highlighting the aesthetic features of various schools of sculpture; and explanatory notes and photographs.