Biren Das Sharma

Grant Period: Over two years

For research towards an annotation of hitherto undisclosed material on Indian cinema, including government records, parliamentary debates, interviews, memoranda submitted by trade bodies, and reports of film inquiry committees. The project will highlight the hidden discourses that influence the making of Indian cinema.

Vasudha Joshi

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For the study and documentation of Ganjifa, an indigenous card game, and the artists who paint the cards in various parts of the country. The research is expected to result in publications intended to introduce children to the game and its culture, booklets to help NGOs popularise and market Ganjifa card games, and material for use in multimedia.

The Seagull Foundation for the Arts

Grant Period: Over one year

For preparatory research towards a travelling exhibition on the life and work of Nirode Mazumdar, considered by many to be an important and unfairly ignored figure in modern Indian painting. The study will also result in catalogues and publications for use in galleries and art schools, and the marketing of an audio-visual package.

Jhuma Bhasak

Grant Period: Over one year

For collaboration between three contemporary dancers from different regions who will work with a sculptor and a musician to create new pieces of individual and group choreography. A network of contemporary dance practitioners is a possible outcome.

Centre for Studies in Social Sciences

Grant Period: Over two years

For the study and documentation of the commercial visual art of Calcutta at the turn of the century. The project will result in an illustrated monograph and an extensive visual archive of prints, paintings, illustrations and photographs that is expected to open up new avenues for research in history and cultural studies.