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We completed 20 years with the arts, in 2015!

This is a period of reminisces for the diverse work we have supported, as we look towards an exciting future.

Our journey has witnessed support for 540 projects and counting, leading to books, films, performances, exhibitions and archival materials. We have disbursed over 24 crore through support for projects across the country, which have been circulated in the public domain through showcases, presentations, seminars, screenings, lecture demonstrations and festivals.

Join us to support projects that examine our inherited histories, unravel our complex todays, and dream our shared futures.

Watch this video with our Executive Director Arundhati Ghosh speaks about why giving to the arts matters and what our Corpus Fund can enable –

‘The arts give meanings to what we live for and empower us to explore ways of thinking for ourselves.
It connects us through shared experiences - to question, resist, and build.
The arts makes us human, makes us more.’

Click here for the full transcript.


Thespians Sunil Shanbag, Naseeruddin Shah & Ratna Pathak Shah, and artists of the Raqs Media Collective, Monica Narula, Shuddhabrata Sengupta & Jeebesh Bagchi believe in the power of small gestures and interventions.

Small interventions change people’s lives
– Sunil Shanbag, Theatre Director

You don’t have to be a king or a state to support the arts
– Ratna Pathak Shah, Actor

(Giving) is a very simple act
– Jeebesh Bagchi, Artist and member of Raqs Media Collective


Theatre practitioner and Co-founder of Junoon, Sameera Iyengar, believes in the importance of experimentation, and  talks about how we all need to ‘put (o)ur backs behind [the arts]’.

The arts celebrate imagination, possibilities, and multiple perspectives
Sameera Iyengar, Theatre Practitioner

You have to invest imagination and resources [towards our shared futures]
Q (Qaushiq Mukherjee), Filmmaker

[T]he arts survive through experiment. Experiment is important. Experiment needs support because … [if we have] to imagine a cultured civilisation, the arts [have] to thrive
Shanta Gokhale - Writer, Theatre Critic, IFA Evaluator, Donor & Ex-Trustee 


By supporting and strengthening our Corpus Fund you will help IFA build a stronger foundation, realise more artists’ dreams, make more grants and secure the future of the arts in the country.

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