Arts Research and Documentation

This programme was closed in 2015 and we no longer accept applications under this programme.

The Arts Research and Documentation programme was established in 1995 as IFA’s flagship programme to support research in the arts and culture that did not find support anywhere else. After its first review by external experts, ten years later in 2006, it was felt that the scope of the programme was too large and unwieldy and IFA needed to narrow its focus. It was rearticulated then to support scholars and artists to undertake research and documentation for two kinds of projects; i) those that study new developments or changing practices in the contemporary arts; and ii) projects that critically examine the construction and re-invention of artistic traditions.

Between 1995 and 2015 the programme supported 155 projects, disbursing Rs 5.71 crore to the field.

The programme was closed in 2015 after it underwent a review process in 2014 lead by a panel of experts including, Susie Tharu, MD Muthukumaraswamy, Aneesh Pradhan and Rahul Roy. It was restructured to the current ‘Arts Research’ programme focusing on critical research in the arts and culture.