Arts Education

The Arts Education programme, called Kali Kalisu (‘learn and teach’ in Kannada), focuses on arts-based training for teachers from government schools and support for projects that integrate arts-based learning into the curriculum. The programme seeks to showcase larger possibilities for arts education within the schooling system.

The programme works closely with the departments of education at the national and state level, to intensify its teacher capacity building programmes in Karnataka.

Workshops and Block Level Events for teachers and administrators, along with grants made to artists and teachers to work in government schools in Karnataka, form the core of this programme.

Under Kali Kalisu IFA has enabled 7 Years of training, 47 art projects with teachers
and artists in government schools in Karnataka; covering 20 districts, with over 1000 government school teachers, 100,000 children and families!


Hejjegalu ('Footsteps' in Kannada)an annual IFA Arts Education publication in Kannada, reflects on the significant impact and reach of the Kali Kalisu programme of India Foundation for the Arts (IFA). A noteworthy overview of this programme and the larger story of arts education in India, this document will serve a vital resource and document for key persons and organisations in the field of Education in Karnataka – teachers, art educators, and policy makers. It has been co-edited by teachers and IFA Arts Education grantees Kaladhar S and Sadananda Byndoor.

View our past calls for proposals from teachers and artists to work in government schools.

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