Arts Education

The Arts Education programme, called Kali Kalisu (‘learn and teach’ in Kannada), supports arts-based training for teachers from government schools in Karnataka and beyond. It also facilitates artists and teachers to develop arts projects within their school contexts using artistic and cultural practices from their own environments. It maintains a continuous dialogue with the Department of Public Instructions to intensify its teacher capacity building programme in Karnataka.

The arts integrated capacity building residential training is a strategy to motivate teachers, engage with them in their teaching, and promote their pedagogical strength. This approach includes local resources and communities to bring in lived experiences into the classroom. In addition, we also facilitate 'Yatra' sessions, where, at an identified block level, IFA teacher and artist grantees travel to other schools and share their work and generate new ideas in teachers towards arts education. We also organise exposure visits to expand the horizons of teachers and allow them to learn through experiences of new arts and culture sites and locations.

We conducted two pilot projects in 2017-2018 to create widespread public awareness for arts education. A 13-episode radio series featuring interviews of our grantees was broadcast state-wide on All India Radio (AIR), Dharwad. We also published the first edition of Hejjegalu (‘Footsteps’), an annual publication in Kannada co-edited by teachers and grantees Kaladhar S and Sadananda Byndoor, focussing on the impact and reach of Kali Kalisu. Hejjegalu has been circulated widely among the State Education Department officials, teachers, and artists, and on social media platforms. A film that captures the spirit and essence of the programme was also launched in 2017 and disseminated widely across the state.

Under Kali Kalisu IFA has enabled 7 Years of training, 47 art projects with teachers
and artists in government schools in Karnataka; covering 20 districts, with over 1000 government school teachers, 100,000 children and families!


Hejjegalu ('Footsteps' in Kannada)an annual IFA Arts Education publication in Kannada, reflects on the significant impact and reach of the Kali Kalisu programme of India Foundation for the Arts (IFA). A noteworthy overview of this programme and the larger story of arts education in India, this document will serve a vital resource and document for key persons and organisations in the field of Education in Karnataka – teachers, art educators, and policy makers. It has been co-edited by teachers and IFA Arts Education grantees Kaladhar S and Sadananda Byndoor.

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