Extending Arts Practice

Ashok Sukumaran

Grant Period: Over two years

For creation of a series of public installations based on proto-typical electronic arrangements. The intention behind these pieces is to draw attention to the pervasively ‘wired’ nature of our environment. At the same time, by working with simple, almost every day arrangements and exhibiting outcomes in public spaces, the project will also form a critique of ‘hi-tech’ media art that operates in gallery or laboratory-like spaces alone. The installations will be documented and disseminated through an online archive.

Taran Khan

Grant Period: Two years

For a writer and a filmmaker to make a documentary film on the significance of Sufism in the lives of mofussil communities in the Awadh region of Uttar Pradesh. The grandfather and granddaughter pair will begin by looking at the changing perceptions of Sufism within their own family and then branch out to explore the intersection of religious belief, cultural practice and social mores in the Awadh region.

Bodhaditya Bandyopadhyay

Grant Period: Two years

For the making of a non-fiction film based on the Bengali text Hutom Pyanchar Naksa. The film seeks to use the text––which documents the excesses, decadence and cultural richness of the nineteenth century Bengali bhadralok––as an entry point to explore the silences in the narratives of colonialism and modernity. Envisaged as a dialogue between past and present, the film will involve extensive documentation and interpretation of public life in contemporary Kolkata and of various subaltern art forms like khisti, kheud, charak and sang, revisiting places and practices mentioned in the text.