Bharath Gyan Vigyan Samithi (BGVS)

Grant Period: Over three years

For training teachers in using the visual arts to enhance the quality of elementary education in several districts of Karnataka. This project will upscale the Art-in-Education component of the earlier District Quality Education Programme in Chamrajnagar district and simultaneously extend it to select blocks in several other districts.

Vasudha Thozhur

Grant Period: Over five months

For exhibiting artwork created during the Himmat workshops with the women survivors of the Gujarat violence in 2002. The exhibitions will take place in major galleries in Mumbai and Delhi and a travelling module will also be created for further dissemination to non-metropolitan venues.

Preeti Sunderajan

Grant Period: Over five months

For preparatory research and documentation towards a dance production titled Dance and the City. Four dancers will share their personal experiences of Bangalore with one another, record interviews with other city residents, and undertake photo and video documentation. This material will be used to generate narratives and movement ideas that will form the basis of the proposed production.

Sunil Shanbag

Grant Period: Over seven months

For research into theatre censorship in Maharashtra. Using Vijay Tendulkar’s banned play, Sakharam Binder, as a point of reference, the study will investigate censorship in the larger context of the socio-cultural history of theatre, and look into authoritarian state censorship as well non-state agencies’ agenda of silencing and suppressing theatrical expression. The play “S*x, M*rality, Cenc*rship” is the outcome of the grant got nominated for META awards in 10 categories.

Varun Narain

Grant Period: Over six months

For the development of a production that will interpret the story of Giselle from multiple perspectives. A contemporary puppeteer and a dancer will re-imagine Giselle as a peasant girl in small-town in India whose dreams are shattered by social norms and pressures. The production is expected to push the limits of both puppetry and dance.