Sarnath Bannerjee

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For creating a graphic novel on present-day Calcutta, by a filmmaker and an illustrator, combining elements of a visual travelogue, a documentary comic book and a personal diary. The novel, which will use the personal narrative to explore links between today’s Calcutta and the popular culture of nineteenth-century Bengal, is expected to be serialised in newspapers, and the process of creation will be documented and exhibited.

C F John

Grant Period: Over three months

For the use of an open well as a site, and a quilt as a prop, by a visual artist, a choreographer and a photographer/visual artist to develop a collective language that extends the formal parameters of visual art and dance. It will result in installations, visuals and choreography that will help the collaborators conceptualise a full-fledged site-specific exhibition/performance.