Art1st's Partner a Master:Artist Mentor Program

India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) partnered with Mumbai-based Art1st Foundation to bring to Bangalore an artist mentorship programme that enabled secondary school students to engage with established artists in the city. The seven month long engagement culminated in an exhibition showcasing the works, produced during this perod, by the students. 

The Art1st Partner a Master: Artist Mentor Program, offers young artists an opportunity to interact and learn from the arts practice of established artists in their city. In Bangalore, young artists worked with Suresh Jayaram, Ravikumar Kashi, Surekha, C F John, Biju Joze, George Mathen and Suresh Kumar G.

As part of this programme students directly engaged with these contemporary artists in their studios and other spaces  through a series of workshops. The impulse of these workshops was to offer the students a source of inspiration, and give them an insight into the working processes of the artists they admire and possibly aspire to become. This initiative was aimed at opening up their thinking, nurture their imagination and encourage the expression of their creativity. This Program is ideal for any student who is a thinker as it gives students an opportunity to grow beyond their inhibitions and take an idea to the center-stage.

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