Madhya Pradesh

Tushar Joshi & K Balamurugan

Grant Period: Over four months

For the second phase of an Alternative Photography project that captures the socio-economic changes in Daniya village of Almora through dry plate Collodion photography. The photographs produced through this experimental process will be published as limited edition handmade albums, a coffee table book of scanned original photographs for wider circulation, a process documentation booklet and DVD.

Rajula Shah

Grant Period: Over one year

For making a film on women potters, structured as a search for roots by a contemporary studio potter, and focussing on two traditional women potters in Kutch and Manipur. By exploring the ways in which the women have circumvented the taboos associated with the potter’s wheel, the film will foreground a dialogue between tradition and modernity.

Rang Vidushak

Grant Period: Over three years

For consolidation and dissemination of a clown theatre methodology. Training workshops for theatre groups in the Hindi-speaking belt will result in new productions, a theatre network and additional performance venues. Concurrent workshops will be held with undertrials and disadvantaged children.


Grant Period: Over one year

For a series of workshops for children by theatre workers and traditional toy makers with the aim of reconnecting and contemporising the narrative and toy cultures of Malwa. The workshops will culminate in a toy festival, and the possibility of founding a permanent toy resource centre will be explored.