Arts Education

Grant Period: One year

Praveen is a theatre artist based out of Mysore. His training at Rangayana, Mysore has opened new ways for him to engage in the field of Theatre-in-Education. He also has two years of teaching experience in the same institution. He has been conducting several theatre workshops for children during summer and Dasara holidays. For this project, he has chosen to work with the public library, involving eighth grade students of Government Higher Primary School, Kukkarahalli, Mysore, Mysore district.  

All text books in school, including language text books, have a ‘further reference’ section as an activity at the end of each lesson. But schools fail to explore this given the lack of both time and interest. Praveen’s project aims to encourage students to visit the library to access more stories, novels, plays and poetry of those writers mentioned in these ‘further reference’ sections. He stresses that this activity is important for a student to get a complete understanding of the lessons and develops a habit of reading, which further enables her to explore learning as a creative process.

Keeping this context in mind, Praveen will first take the students through a workshop on how a library functions, its policies and its coding process; he will then inspire students to embrace a practice of using libraries regularly. Subsequently, he will conduct theatre workshops and create a series of performances based on their explorations in the library. 

This series of performances will be the outcome of the project. The Grantee’s deliverables to IFA with the final report will be audio-visual documentation of the workshops, images, and a ten to twelve minute video document of the entire project.

This grant is made possible with support from Citi India.