Grant Period: over one year and eight months

For the expansion of the workshops offered by an ongoing initiative to train young film enthusiasts and film and art students in the theory and practice of film curation. Also supported will be ancillary workshops and mentorship to provide conceptual and practical guidance to participants whose curatorial ideas have been selected for screening at a film festival.

Khoj International Artists’ Association

Grant Period: Over three years

For three curatorial residencies, an art writing workshop and an international seminar addressing critical issues of curating Indian art in a global context. These projects will facilitate the development of a model for practice-based curatorial training and encourage cross-cultural dialogue on curating practices.

Jamia Millia Islamia

Grant Period: Over three years and four months

For mapping exhibition policy in India during the twentieth century; documenting select curatorial experiences over the last decade; and analysing the evolving relationship between curatorial practice and public culture. The research processes and outcomes will be captured in an illustrated report. This will be followed by meetings between representatives of museums, art institutions and relevant government ministries, and independent curators, artists and critics towards the preparation and distribution of advocacy materials and a policy-oriented document.

Association of Academics, Artists and Citizens for University Autonomy

Grant Period: Over three years

For a series of five workshops across the country, followed by a colloquium, to conceptualise and design an academic curriculum for curatorial studies. The workshops will be held in smaller towns and cities to ensure that the proposed curriculum accommodates regional discourses, issues and concerns.


Grant Period: Over three years

For three workshops to train young film enthusiasts and film and arts students in the theory and practice of film curation, each culminating in a film festival featuring curatorial packages developed by selected workshop participants. A reference library of film and books will be also created, and a website will offer access to the information and ideas generated at the workshops and festivals.

Khoj International Artists Association

Grant Period: Over three Years

For three annual editions of a residency programme for fresh graduates of visual art schools across India, to culminate in three annual exhibitions. Each year, five artists will spend four weeks with an art critic at the Khoj studios in New Delhi, exploring their creativity and engaging with their peers and with senior artists.