For five years between May 2013 and 2018, we organised over 60 MaathuKathe (‘Conversations’ in Kannada), monthly sessions where we opened our office to the public and invited artists to perform, screen their film, read from their work, or talk about their projects and creative processes. These sessions were marked by invigorating discussions on the arts, culture, and society! We organised the last session with sculptor Kanaka Murthy in May 2018. 

Over the years, the variety of sessions have ranged from a performance piece by the Sarjapur Blues Band; a book discussion by screenwriter and film director Kamal Swaroop on Tracing Phalke; a talk on work music and songs from Bengal by researcher Shubhasree Bhattacharyya; to a storytelling session by Vikram Sridhar. We attempted to reach out to a diversity of audiences which has comprised of students, media, professors, artists and teachers. Maathukathe has now run its course, and we have been looking at different ways of engaging with audiences in Bangalore, as we begin with Project 560 this year in 2018!

MaathuKathe May 2013 - June 2014