S Ramanatha

Project 560

Grant Period: Over four months

Mysore-based S Ramanatha is a theatre actor, director and script writer with Rangayana, Mysore. He has years of training with the theatre legend B V Karanth. The space he has chosen is Karanth’s house in Girinagar in Bangalore. This was the house that Karanth lived in towards the end of his itinerant life, when he became very unwell. It was during these years that Ramanatha’s association with Karanth was further strengthened. As his student and a very close associate, Ramanatha developed during this period a special bond with his mentor as well as got deep insights into his life and works.

One of Karanth’s creative concerns was with ‘space’. Several of his productions have attempted to address this concern in various ways. Through this project, Ramanatha envisions a theatrical performance that would engage with Karanth’s ‘space’ – literally and metaphorically - and reimagine it in a manner that furthers his own understanding and critique of Karanth’s ideologies and work. Ramanatha’s personal memories of that space, Karanth’s books, instruments and other material possessions that inhabit that space, will provide material for the creation of the piece. A close associate of Karanth currently resides in that house and they have given permission for the use of their space. 

This grant is part of Project 560, 2015, which was made possible with support from Citi India.