Gundappa Goudgolu

Arts Education

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

Gundappa Goudgolu, a teacher from the Government High School Halliked, Humnabad, Bidar District was very effective in building a local artistic resource pool in 2011 during the regional conference conducted in Bidar. As one of the most appreciated arts teachers of the region, Gundappa’s project builds a visual arts appreciation programme amongst his secondary school students. His project is highly influenced by the Diploma and Bachelors in visual arts programme that has dominated the Bidar-Gulbarga region. He has proposed to use resources and specialists from Gulbarga College of Fine Arts to interact with students on a regular basis. The endeavour will be to facilitate students to enrich their visual sensibilities, which in turn would help them improve their concentration and build a new vocabulary for expression. He plans to keep the programme open to students from other schools as well.