Vipin Vijay

Grant Period: Over two years

For ethnographic video documentation of the temple oracles of Kerala. The resulting film will probe the collective dimension of ritual performance, critique its contemporary aesthetic functions and inquire into the possible neurological and scientific aspects of trance.

P. Jayachandran

Grant Period: Over three months

For developing concepts and a treatment for a dance video by a contemporary choreographer and a filmmaker. They will examine the architecture of two stone quarries as possible venues for video-recording dance sequences, generate additional images using computer animation techniques, and experiment with grafting these onto the on-site sequences.

Attakkalari Public Charitable Trust of Contemporary Performing Arts

Grant Period: Two years

For research and documentation of the educational practices within the performing art traditions of Kerala. The study will lead to a teaching methodology for a proposed school for the performing arts, with a specific focus on modern dance. Audio and video recordings and a computerised information bank are the anticipated outcomes.