KP Jayakumar

Grant Period: One year and six months

For research into the colonial visual narratives of the landscape and people in the High Ranges of Kerala in British India. While the project will study how European photographers, ethnographers, and travellers documented the everyday lives of people in the region, it will also critique the colonial gaze. It will examine the ways in which the stereotypical colonial constructions of the ‘civilised/uncivilised’ binary were foregrounded on physical representations of the natives, who were photographed as staged subjects against exotic backdrops. The outcome will be a photoessay and an exhibition. The Grantee’s deliverables to IFA with the final reports will be the essay and photographic documentation from various collections across Kerala. Grant funds will pay for travel and accommodation, professional fee, books and stationery, typing, printing and designing, exhibition, and an accountant’s fee.