Yuvaraja HP

Arts Education

Grant Period: One year and six months

Yuvaraja is an active theatre practitioner from Bellary district and has completed his diploma in theatre. He has also published two books titled Naa Mechida Shikshaka and Jeevanakondu Spoorthi. Under the initiative called Nudi Tirugata, he has visited more than 100 schools all over Karnataka to facilitate theatre activities for students.

In this project, Yuvaraja has planned for a theatre piece titled Entu Dashaka - Entu Drushya (Eight Decades - Eight Visuals) based on the history of the Government Kannada Boys Modern School in Kunigal taluk, Tumkur district which has brought education to the region for the past 88 years. Yuvaraja will involve teachers, community members and the alumni of the school to collect stories and experiences associated with the school, which will then be made into this play. He believes that encouraging students to develop a script for the play will enhance their writing skills and creative thinking. Also the play will use the entire school campus as its stage thereby enabling students to imagine how differently spaces can be used in performance. Along with this engagement, Yuvaraja has planned to introduce the folk dance form Kolata to the students through exploring the text from the school syllabus. He will invite local resource people like Ninasam artists Vinod Lakshman Bhandari, Ganesh Bhimanakoni, Manju A C, Siddu Bijapur and local folk singer Manjamma Jogati to run a series of workshops to trigger discussions among students on topics related to theatre and folk music.   

The outcome of this grant will be a performance in the presence of alumni students, teachers and community members. The deliverables of the grant would include photographs and a video documentation.

This grant is made possible with support from Citi India.