Madhukar ML

Arts Education

Grant Period: One year and six months

Madhukar ML is a drama teacher at the Government Higher Primary School, Gumballi village, Chamarajanagar district. During his earlier project, supported by IFA, Madhukar encouraged students to research and collect stories and songs from their surrounding village communities that articulate folk wisdom and knowledge on nature. He had also facilitated Theatre-in-Education workshops for students.

In the current project, Madhukar intends to engage teachers and students from three schools of a cluster in Gumballi village. He has planned for a series of theatre and puppetry workshops for all teachers and students from these schools. As outcomes, students with their teachers will convert a lesson in their text book into a theatre script. This process will enhance their language, writing skills, creative thinking and oral communication skills. They will also create puppets relating to the stories from their textbooks helping them to develop their creative and artistic skills. He will invite local resource persons from theatre and puppetry to run the workshops and trigger discussions on these topics. There will be 35 eighth grade students from all three schools with their teachers involved in this project. Through this project, Madhukar hopes to transform the cluster resource centre into a hub for local arts and folk cultures making it a space for stimulating art workshops and performances for students, teachers and the community.

The outcome will be stage performances in all three schools in the presence of teachers and community members. The deliverables of the grant would include photographs and video documentation of the project.

This grant is made possible with support from Citi India.