Kotresha B

Arts Education

Grant Period: One year and six months

Kotresha B is a Cluster Resource Person from Pagada Dinni, Raichur District. He has a passion for literature and has received support from the administration and the community to run a children’s magazine.

Kotresha believes that students who understand the structure of text they are using, read with more understanding. He feels that since the text structure of newspapers have a predictable template, students can learn to write journalistic pieces by studying this. His project aims to initiate a drive to publish four quarterly publications of ‘Pencil’, a newspaper from students. It will be a creative space for students to articulate their responses to various issues like culture, politics, arts, education and economics. He also intends to find support from the community and students to continue this work beyond the grant period.

The outcome of the grant will be four publications of 'Pencil' -  a students’ newspaper. The Grantee's deliverables to IFA with the Final Report will include photographs from the workshops and the publications.

This grant is made possible with support from Citi India.