Sugumar Shanmugan

Grant Period: One year and six months

For practice-based research on the historical, theatrical and psychological aspects of characterisation in the performance of Therukoothu towards making a play in the form of documentary theatre. Through extensive interviews with the Therukoothu artists and studying the process of preparing actors for various characters, the project aims to explore pedagogy, performativity and the contemporary trends that have influenced the form in various ways. The outcome of this project will be a documentary theatre production. The Grantee’s deliverables to IFA with the final report will be audiovisual documentation of the interviews conducted in the field and the documentation of the theatre production. Grant funds will pay for an honorarium, equipment rental, travel food and stay, production costs, professional fees and an accountant’s fee.

Adishakti Laboratory for Theatre Arts and Research

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For research into the diverse constructions and reinventions of the Ramayana epic with specific focus on seven performance traditions and two contemporary reinterpretations. The project seeks to provide a textured and contextual study of the various manifestations of the epic within specific ritual, social and performative contexts. The outcomes will include a series of presentations and an essay.

Adishakti Laboratory for Theatre Art Research

Grant Period: Over one year

For a theatre director, a contemporary actor and an exponent of the classical theatre of Kerala to jointly develop actor-training methods and explore how the language and content of Koodiyattam and Nangiar Koothu can be made more contemporary and accessible. The interaction will lead to two productions.