Bhagwati Prasad

Grant Period: Over one year and three months

For a graphic narrative and a series of performances, on the untold stories of migrant labourers and their tools, as they transform the history of the city of Delhi. These stories provide perspectives from those who have come from the outside to make this city their home, as the city grows in shape and size. A prototype of the graphic novel, performances and their documentation will be produced as outcomes.

Monica Narula

Grant Period: Over one year

For the creation of a publication, two workshops and a public exhibition to be held in Delhi in January-February 2014 to demonstrate imaginative ways of re-thinking the question of cultural infrastructure. The New Models on Common Grounds project that is part of the Raqs Media Collective’s work as Artist Directors of INSERT 2014 will invite speculations from 30 artists to respond to particular sites symbolic of the cultural life of Delhi.