PROJECT 560 IS BACK IN 2018! | Bangalore, What’s Your Pincode?

PROJECT 560 is back in 2018!

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Turn Bangalore into a stage, a canvas, a notebook or a digital courtyard! Tap into its varied voices, spaces, histories, memories, aspirations, and expressions. Delve into the city's layered pasts, engage with its many presents, or imagine diverse futures.

Who is the city? What does it mean to be a Bangalorean? Where do the strengths and challenges of the city lie? If Bangalore is on your mind, Project 560 is for you.

Project 560 is committed to a long-term, continuous engagement with the city through multipronged strategies including grantmaking and collaborations.

Support under Project 560 will be available in the following categories:

  • Support for engagement with neighbourhoods: Support is available to those interested in engaging with the spaces, stories, and people of their neighbourhood in Bangalore. Such engagements could be an event or a series of events that include storytelling sessions, music, street performances, temporary / permanent installations, mapping exercises, walks and so on, that would enable people to rethink their neighbourhoods and use the arts and culture to express the joys and challenges of living together. Four neighbourhoods will be supported and the maximum amount for a year-long engagement will be Rs 25,000 each. The call for proposals under this category will be circulated this month in June 2018.
  • Grants for organisations: Grants are available for city-based organisations for the period of a year, to curate a body of work that reflects upon, asks questions of, and / or offers multiple imaginations of the city. Applications are welcome from arts organisations or non-arts organisations working towards artistic outcomes. Collaborations between organisations working in different fields are also encouraged. The organisation could have its own physical space or could be working in different spaces across the city. Two organisations will be supported and the maximum grant amount for a year-long project will be Rs 8 lakh each. The call for proposals under this category will be circulated next month in July 2018.
  • Grants for individuals: Grants are available for practitioners and researchers to creatively engage with the city's pasts, presents or futures through critical inquiry. As practitioners, you could be writers, poets, performing / performance artists, visual artists, filmmakers, new media or digital artists. In addition, collaborative projects between artists and researchers are also encouraged. While applicants may be based anywhere in India, the project has to be undertaken in Bangalore. Three grants up to a maximum of Rs 4 lakh each will be made. The call for proposals under this category will be circulated in August 2018.

Project 560 Festival

Look out for the Project 560 Festival in two years! Curated by IFA, this festival, comprising exhibitions, performances, and panel discussions drawn from completed or ongoing Project 560 grants, will also weave in threads of multiple conversations on the city.

Bangalore, What's Your Pincode?

For more about Project 560, please contact Sumana Chandrasekhar at or call 080 2341 4681 / 82 / 83.

Project 560 is partnered by Citi India.