Bring the arts into your life | Pick up the IFA Calendar and Coasters

Surround yourself with a little bit of IFA. Our unique 14-month Calendar 2019-2020 and Set of six Coasters allow you to glimpse at the work that we facilitate in the arts.

Gift yourself or a loved one and share your support for the arts.

The IFA Annual Calendar

With the Desk Calendar, learn a little more about the diverse work that we support across multiple Indian languages, as you go through the year.

A graphic novel explores the history of the Left Front in West Bengal | a project where school children make familiar the local public library in Mysore | a critical study of modern Tamil theatre | a performance-work that explores queer identities
and many more...

Every page features a unique arts and culture project, spanning forms, disciplines and regions across the country. Our calendar will see you through 2019 and early 2020 and allow you to choose the image and project that captures your interestwith most months of the year.

Get your copy for Rs 450/- (inclusive of domestic courier charges) online or write to us at before February 28, 2019.


The IFA Coasters

This set of six Coasters showcases eye-catching details from select IFA projects over the years. Bring the arts to your everyday during a brief respite as you enjoy your cuppa. Flip to the verso of the coasters to read about each of these projects!

a multimedia artwork tracing the
introduction of books to women in India | 
a graphic narrative documenting the stories of migrant labourers in New Delhi | a film essaying the life and works of artist K Ramanujam | an installation of ceramics exploring aesthetics | a dry plate collodion photography project capturing changes
in two villages |
 an installation in a historic
building in Bangalore

Get your set soon for Rs 550/- (inclusive of domestic courier charges) online or write to us at and support our work.

Your purchase will go back towards grant-making.