Special Grants

Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH)

Grant Period: Over one year

For the design and editing of a monograph on Bengali artist Jamini Roy with images from some of his finest paintings. This builds on an earlier grant to inventory Indian modernist paintings and prints from the late eighteenth to the late twentieth century housed in the collection of Rajya Charukala Parishad, Kolkata.

Aditi Chitre

Grant Period: Six Months

For a storytelling and visual arts workshop for children from Chizami in Nagaland. In the absence of any encouragement for the visual arts in Nagaland, this project will give the children the opportunity to explore their creativity by engaging with various styles of narration, visualization and illustration. The workshop will result in a book of stories illustrated by the children as well as exhibitions of their artworks.

Kolkata Sanved

Grant Period: Over one year and four months

For creative arts workshops with children living in and around four railway platforms in West Bengal. Drawing inspiration from the dramatic, rhythmic and free-flowing character of railway platforms, the project will enable the children to experience and explore a wide range of artistic processes drawn from storytelling, movement, music and theatre. The workshops will lead to four large site-specific performances and the emergence of the four organisations as community cultural centres.

Sumitra Ranganathan

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For preserving and sustaining the performance practice and repertoire of the Bettiah gharana, one of the oldest and richest traditions of dhrupad. Through interactions with two contemporary musicians living in Kolkata and Bettiah, the musical ecology of Bettiah dhrupad will be documented and reinvigorated. The project will result in a multimedia physical archive located in Bettiah and Kolkata, an online portal and a guided listening DVD of the dhrupad of Bettiah.

Nathu Khan Bagadwa

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For training the fundamentals of folk singing and instruments, particularly the Maand, to fifteen youngsters belonging to the musician community of Jamsar village in Rajasthan. Performances by thirty senior musicians of the region will be recorded and used as a resource in the teaching sessions. Senior musicians will also conduct workshops with the students on the nuances of the music quarter.


Grant Period: Over two years

For the intensive education of twelve young boys in the Kashmiri theatre form, Bhand Pather, with a special focus on its musical aspects. The project builds on an earlier grant for a 35-day workshop, which initiated a large group of youngsters into the theatre form. This two-year programme will turn out a cadre of proficient Bhand Pather practitioners, while also creating breathing space for cultural expression in the strife-ridden Kashmir Valley.

Vasudha Thozhur

Grant Period: Over five months

For exhibiting artwork created during the Himmat workshops with the women survivors of the Gujarat violence in 2002. The exhibitions will take place in major galleries in Mumbai and Delhi and a travelling module will also be created for further dissemination to non-metropolitan venues.

Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH)

Grant Period: Over one year

For the photographic documentation and preparation of a full inventory of approximately 1,000 modernist paintings and prints from the late eighteenth century to the late twentieth century in the collection of Rajya Charukala Parishad, Kolkata. INTACH will eventually publish a detailed catalogue and hopes to convince Rajya Charukala Parishad to make its collection available as a permanent exhibition in the public domain.

M K Raina

Grant Period: Over six months

A thirty-five-day theatre workshop in Akingam village in Kashmir, with the purpose of reviving and revitalising the Bhand Pather theatre form. Performed in open spaces, especially as part of community celebrations, this theatre form has experienced a setback over the last few decades due to the militancy and insurgency in Kashmir. The workshop will reacquaint younger Bhand Pather artists with their legacy.

Marudhar Lok Kala Kendra

Grant Period: Over two months

For a workshop-conference that brings together about eighty folk musicians of western Rajasthan to examine the changes in their music, repertoire and instruments, and discuss questions around the material welfare and dignity of their communities, and articulate their concerns, observations and insights. The findings of the discussions will be put together as a document, which will be circulated among government departments and non-government agencies.