Harish Nagrecha

Arts Collaboration

Grant Period: Over ten months

Harish Nagrecha is a Gujarati writer whose short stories have been published in several well-known Gujarati publications as well as in book form.

This grant supported a fiction writer Harish Nagrecha to translate six of his short stories from Gujarati into English in collaboration with a screenplay writer and a writer and producer of radio programmes on the arts. These translations constituted an independent publishable outcome of the project and also formed the basis for radio scripts and screenplays.

Harish, for long, not just wanted his stories to be translated into English and gain a wider audience but also be carried over into other media. This project combined these two goals effectively. Five of the targeted six short stories have been translated into English. They have also become the basis for screenplays in Gujarati and radio plays in Hindi.

Mariam translated a selection of Harish’s stories into English, which will be published independently. These translations also formed the basis for the radio scripts that Jasleen wrote, while Harish produced screenplays in Gujarati of the same six stories. The collaboration also generated insights into the challenges of adapting fiction across media and the craft of translating fiction.


Mariam Jetpurwalla, Thane, Maharashtra

Jasleen Vohra, New Delhi

Mariam Jetpurwalla is a screenplay writer and producer, and director of dramatic fiction for television.

Jasleen Vohra is a media presenter, a writer and producer who works extensively in both radio and television.