Lina Vincent Sunish

Archival and Museum Fellowships

Grant Period: Nine months

For working with the cluster of three museums - Goa Chitra, Goa Chakra and Goa Cruti - which narrates the history of Goa through objects, texts and oral histories.  This fellowship supports research that will unravel stories about 15 iconic objects from the museum’s collections. Using objects as the point of departure, the project attempts to make visible the many layers of narratives around them through engagements with a diverse range of people including experts in the field, artists, anthropologists, children and others. These stories hope to reveal not only the historic and contemporary significance of the objects but also the material, aesthetic and human histories around them. The outcomes of the fellowship include mobile exhibitions where select objects can be exhibited outside the museum space, gallery walks, children’s workshops, repair cafes, sound and light projections, performances, talks and demonstrations by crafts persons. The Fellow’s deliverables to IFA with the final report will be process images, audio recordings, texts and publication, if any.

This fellowship is made possible with support from Tata Trusts.