Nabarun Doc and Installation | July 30, 2015 | Kolkata

India Foundation for the Arts (IFA)
in association with 
ODDJOINT and Bajeshibpur People's Art Council
Nabarun Doc Film Screening and Installation | Bajeshibpur – Howrah | July 30, 2015

A film screening and installation to provocate, inform and probe the placid surfaces of daily lives.

Nabarun Doc is a distinctive project spearheaded by Q (Kaushik Mukherjee), who received a grant under our Extending Arts Practice Programme in 2013. The innovative installation festival will also screen Q's film, an exploration of the life, work and sensibility of the Bengali writer and poet, Nabarun Bhattacharya.

Nabarun is the exclamation mark in Bengali literature. He is the emphatic interjector. His characters shamelessly hustle, behave atro ciously, and try to exist in a violently hostile world. The film attempts to enter the noisy, grimy, scratchy insides of Nabarun’s mind - bouncing between pure documentary and fiction, just like Nabarun.

Nabarun Doc
A Film by Q,
(82 mins) Bengali with English Subtitles 
Bajeshibpur – Howrah | July 30, 2015 | 06:00 PM

Imbibe the sights and sounds at Bajeshibpur, soaked in Nabarun’s sensibilities and curated by Q.

Join us for the film screening of Nabarun Doc and release of the accompanying documentary package.

Enjoy a unique walk through the neighbourhood of Bajeshibpur and revel in Nabarun's world through music and poetry. Absorb the atmosphere surrounded by audio and video installations, graffiti, street art, posters and more.

Nabarun Doc Film Screening 
Max Mueller Bhavan, Kolkata | July 31, 2015 | 07:00 PM

In commemoration of Nabarun's first death anniversary there will also be a screening of the director's cut of Nabarun Doc, at Max Mueller Bhavan on July 31, 2015.