IFA@Mumbai: Searching Cultures - Stories From The Archives at Studio Tamaasha | May 27, 2017

India Foundation for the Arts
in collaboration with
Tamaasha Theatre
Searching Cultures - Stories From The Archives
with Afrah ShafiqVishwajyoti Ghosh and Sujaan Mukherjee
Saturday, May 27, 2017 | 06:30 PM | Studio Tamaasha
Bungalow 76, Aram Nagar 2, Versova, Andheri(W), Mumbai

Join us for an evening delving into the archives at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta (CSSSC), Kolkata, this time, in Mumbai. Discover the relationship between books and women in 19th - 20th century India through an interactive website, or play a board game journeying through old Calcutta or come and soak in the visual displays at Studio Tamaasha, Mumbai on Saturday, May 27, 2017!

We will be at Studio Tamaasha with three projects by multimedia artist Afrah Shafiq, graphic novelist Vishwajyoti Ghosh, and researcher Sujaan Mukherjee, that brings together the results of a year-long Archival and Museum Fellowship awarded by IFA, in collaboration with the CSSSC.

The cultural history archives of the CSSSC contain a wide variety of visual genres of 19th and 20th century Bengal - an eclectic mix of pictorial, graphic, and photographic images, from an assortment of private and public holdings in the city.

Afrah's Sultana's Reality is a multimedia story about the relationship between women and books in India. In an Alice in Wonderland style adventure a girl takes a trip into women's history and reads about how women were introduced to books, avoided them, read them, hated them, loved them and eventually wrote them.

Vishwajyoti's Bengali Spring/Winter Sun draws on texts from Nripendra Kumar Basu's instructional books on sexuality and juxtaposes them with archival images. The artworks disrupt and even subvert the intended meanings of the original texts, much like the changing instruments of authentic education in our own times.

Sujaan's project Chance Directed: A Guide to Calcutta Tourism tries to recall the different ways in which Calcutta has been seen and remembered by the 'outsider'. Through used postcards, stereoscopic images, old guidebooks, and memoirs, the city is seen not as a static object at one given point of time, but unfolding over the decades.

Searching Cultures is a year-long collaboration between IFA and Tamaasha Theatre, presenting a selection of IFA grantee projects in Mumbai through 2017!

Please note that while entry to the event is free we do request you to RSVP for the event by writing to menaka@indiaifa.org

These projects have been made possible with an Archival and Museum Fellowship from India Foundation for the Arts, in collaboration with CSSSC, with support from Voltas Limited.