IFA@Mumbai: Searching Cultures: Performance of Three Hearings On the Existence of Snakes In The Human Bloodstream | The Mumbai Assembly | November 12, 2017

India Foundation for the Arts & Tamaasha Theatre
in collaboration with
The Mumbai Assembly
Three Hearings On the Existence of Snakes In The Human Bloodstream
A performance by Barefoot!Theatre
Directed by Shena Gamat
Duration: 2 hrs | Language: English with some Hindi
Sunday, November 12, 2017 | 03:30 PM & 07:30 PM | The Mumbai Assembly
16, St Veronica Road, Bandra West, Mumbai - 400 050
For directions call +91 98203 73073

Join us for a performance of Three Hearings On the Existence Of Snakes In The Human Bloodstreamdirected by Shena Gamat. An adaptation of the Canadian science fiction writer James Alan Gardner's short story (1997) by the same name, this piece engages with divisiveness and the creation of 'otherness' in the human race, in a parallel universe.

The production looks at questions on the line bordering science and fiction, pertinent to recent debates on religious doctrines, scientific research and rational thinking in India. This interactive performance brings in live and original music, choral singing, and minimalist props, costumes and lighting—with a strong emphasis on acting. Questions from the audience become a part of the performance, as do the actors' own reflections and associations

Cast: Aalia Sinha, Ashish Paliwal, Kaustav Sinha, Kusum Haider, Mohit Mukherjee, Piyush Kumar, Priyasha Bhardwaj, Shruti, Subhadra Kamath, Varoon P Anand, Anant Dayal & Kaushik Manikandan
Producer: Ashish Paliwal
Music Director: Anant Dayal
Dramaturge: Niranjani Iyer
Director: Shena Gamat

Shena Gamat is co-founder of Barefoot! Theatre Company, New Delhi and presently enrolled in a PG Diploma in Theatre for Education and Social Transformation at Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida. She is a graduate in English Literature from the University of Delhi and was Director of the Youth and Culture programme at the Society for Labour and Development, New Delhi. In 2007, Barefoot!'s first production The Pink Balloon received support from IFA under the New Performance Programme.

This production received support from India Foundation for the Arts, under the Arts Practice Programme.

This performance is part of the Searching Cultures Series—a year-long collaboration between IFA and Tamaasha Theatre, presenting a selection of IFA grantee projects in Mumbai through 2017-18.

Please note that while entry to the event is free, please block a seat by registering here