IFA@Delhi: Exploring the Graphic Novel through Nabarun Bhattacharya's Lubdhak | People Tree Studio, Saket

It gives us great pleasure, at India Foundation for the Arts (IFA), to invite you to an evening of discussions, as Madhuja Mukherjee presents on her project, Lubdhak – The Dog Star, which explores Nabarun Bhattacharya's novel Lubdhak, through a graphic narrative, as well as a feature length stop motion animation film by Avik Mukhopadhyay.

She will engage in a discussion with fellow graphic artist, and former IFA grantee, Vidyun SabhaneyOrjit Sen, the graphic artist and designer, will also be present at the session, for an invigorating evening of discussions on artistic representations, the graphic novel as a medium, and so much more!

India Foundation for the Arts in collaboration with People Tree Studio
Madhuja Mukherjee in conversation with Vidyun Sabhaney
Saturday, May 28, 2016 | 06:30 PM | People Tree Studio, Saket, New Delhi

Khasra 258, Lane 3, Westend Marg, Said-Ul-Ajaib, New Delhi 110 030

Lubdhak, by Nabarun Bhattacharya, employs a tale about the street dogs of Kolkata, to examine the ability of the oppressed to organise, reject the oppressor, and finally render them powerless. Bhattacharya is known for his vitriolic critique of the Bhadralok culture of Bengal, and his deep empathy for the disenfranchised and oppressed, owing to his strong leftist ideology. In Lubdhak we are presented with a dystopic setting of Kolkata, where the civic administration decides to exterminate all the dogs of the city. As the operation begins, the powerless dogs are hunted and slowly disappear. However, as the narrative develops, some of them escape the killers and struggle to find a way to exist. Slowly they realise the need to organise, and as the hunted dogs organise and leave the city in an act of rejecting human civilisation, a great silence descends on the city.

Madhuja is a graphic artist, and an associate professor at the Department of Film Studies, Jadavpur University, Kolkata; her research interests span the Indian film industry, database building, technology, and archival projects.

Vidyun is a writer based in New Delhi, who works primarily with the graphic novel, and comic book narratives; her work has been published by Penguin India, Blaft Publications, Zubaan, and COMIX.INDIA.

Avik and Madhuja received a grant under the Arts Practice programme of India Foundation for the Arts, with support from Technicolor.

Please get off at Gate No 2 of the Saket Metro station, walk towards Qutub Minar/Mehrauli and take the left towards Garden of Five Senses. Keep walking till you see a Dilli Haat store. Take the first left after that. Then, keep walking till the road forks into two, take the left fork. The second black gate on your right will lead to a parking lot. The studio is on the other side of the parking lot, in a row of shops - there is a sign saying 'People Tree'. Alternatively, please click here for the map.