IFA@Bangalore: Performance | Conditions of Carriage | September 28, 2016

India Foundation for the Arts
in collaboration with
St Joseph's College of Commerce, Bangalore
Conditions of Carriage
by Preethi Athreya

Wednesday | September 28, 2016 | 07:00 PM | Xavier Hall
No-163, St Joseph's College of Commerce,
Brigade Road, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560 025

Watch as the mechanics of the body are unravelled in this unique performance by a group of people who negotiate the force of gravity within their bodies - through the act of jumping!

Join us for Conditions of Carriage by dancer and choreographer Preethi Athreya and team, exploring the body as a functional being.

Jumping as a physical act is not just common in artistic forms such as dance and theatre, but also in other disciplines such as sports and martial arts. Preethi has worked with ten people from diverse backgrounds including boxing, parkour, theatre, fitness, classical dance, jazz and ballet, to compose this intriguing performance piece on the body.

This performance is brought to you with Devika SDipna DaryananiMaithily BhupatkarNidhi MisraPrabu ManiPravin KannanurPreethi AthreyaSekher NarayananSruti SriramVasanth Selvam.

This performance received support from India Foundation for the Arts, under its Arts Practice programme; the Alliance Francaise of Madras and Spaces, Chennai.

This grant showcase in Bangalore is supported by Titan Company Limited.

Please do note, that entry to the event is free. However, for this event, we do require an RSVP tojoyce@indiaifa.org