Partner as Foundation, Trusts and Corporate CSR Support

Are you a Foundation, Trust, Cultural agency or Corporate House with CSR funds, looking to engage with projects and initiatives in the arts and culture in India?

Partner with IFA on diverse programmes and projects to support exciting and critical artistic interventions and explorations across the country. The arts and culture landscape is challenged by limited funding for the arts. By partnering with IFA you ensure that the arts and culture remain present in our everyday—enriching our lives as individuals, as communities and as a nation.

We are looking for partners who share our vision for the arts, and invite you to support our projects, programmes, corpus and other initiatives, through your institution.

IFA has the capacity to embark on partnerships with diverse institutions and has a long history of receiving support for its work. We value our relationship with our donor and strive to build long-lasting partnerships that are based on shared values, transparency and accountability.

  • Foundations and Trusts:
    Join other foundations and trusts who have placed their faith in our work and supported IFA across our programmes, projects, corpus and initiatives. Some of our Donors to our Programmes have included the Bajaj Foundation (Programme support), Ford Foundation (various programmes and Corpus), Tata Trusts (various programmes and Corpus), Infosys Foundation (Specific Grant to support Mir Musicians), and Lohia Foundation (The IFA Archive) and the Rockefeller Foundation (Corpus).
  • Corporate Partner through CSR:
    Arts and Culture is listed in the Schedule VII of the CSR bill, and companies seeking to engage with it can do so by supporting IFA through their CSR Initiatives.  Some of our Corporate Partners have included the Bajaj Group (Grant Showcases, SMART programme) Citi India (Arts Education programme and Project 560), Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services Limited (SMART Programmes), Titan Company Limited (Grant Showcase and Arts Research programme), Technicolor India Private Limited  (Specific Arts Practice Grants) and Qualcomm Foundation (Specific Grant Support and Project 560).
  • Embassies, Cultural Agencies and Funds:
    Other cultural agencies and funds enhance their reach and impact in the arts and culture in India by offering their support IFA. Some of our partners have included the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore (Arts Education programme), Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi (SMART programme and Conference Partner), Norwegian Royal Embassy (SMART programme) and South Asia Women’s Fund (Specific Grant Support).

We value all our supporters who partner with us on our various initiatives. Click here to see a full list of IFA supporters over the years.

We look forward to partnering with you to build a more vibrant and robust environment for the arts.

IFA is a registered as a public charitable trust and is eligible to receive foreign contributions under the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (FCRA). Your support may/will be eligible for 80G tax- exemption.

IFA will ensure that you are able to track your support by providing an annual report on the progress of the work supported and we also provide the partner the opportunity for public outreach through acknowledgements, communications, events and media publicity.

To learn more and partner with IFA, write to Menaka Rodriguez at We would love to meet and discuss multiple possibilities with you.