5 Reasons to Support IFA

The IFA donor family includes people from a cross section of society who recognize the value of arts in their lives and in shaping the India of tomorrow. Some view their support towards arts as a legacy they are leaving behind for their children, while others identify with the passion that the arts inspire. Watch these videos and find out why our donors support IFA.


Sandeep Singhal, Managing Director, Westbridge Capital and his wife Kavita Iyer, CEO and Co-Founder, Minglebox and a talented Hindustani classical singer, want their children to grow up in an India as culturally vibrant as the land they inherited from their parents.

In this video, made by filmmaker Sumantra Ghoshal, they talk about how IFA fulfils their need to leave behind a legacy of art and culture for future generations.

That’s why both Sandeep and Kavita are Friends of IFA.



Abhishek Poddar is an eminent Bangalore-based businessman, art collector and gallery owner. He is one of IFA’s strongest allies and over the years he has helped raise significant funds for our work.

In this video, made by filmmaker Sumantra Ghosal, he talks about why he loves surrounding himself with art and how such an environment inspires everyone who visits and works in his space.

That's why Abhishek is a Friend of IFA.



Samrat Som, the Creative Director of a leading apparel brand, has always been passionate about art and design.

In this video, made by filmmaker Sumantra Ghosal, he talks about the need for the corporate world to look beyond immediate return-on-investment when creating marketing strategies and how IFA through the arts and culture helps him add value to long term brand building.

That's why Samrat is a Friend of IFA.



Sushma Haksar is an avid art collector. She believes that there is always something wonderful to learn in the company of artists, in understanding their journey and their unique perspective on the world.

In this video, made by filmmaker Sumantra Ghosal, she talks about how IFA helps her discover the hidden world of arts and artists and fills her life with wonder.

That's why Sushma is a Friend of IFA.



Illana Cariappa is an eminent medical professional who believes that the arts form the threads that connect individuals in a community and that they are indispensible to the well being of a society.

In this video, made by filmmaker Sumantra Ghosal, she talks about how she admires IFA’s belief that the world is a better place when artists realise their dreams.

That's why Illana is a Friend of IFA.

Join them and others like them as they recognise the importance of the arts in creating vibrant communities.

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