Shanthamani H B

Arts Education

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

Shanthamani is a Kali-Kalisu trained drama teacher from Government High School, Mudalakoppalu, Pandavapura, Mandya district. She is one of the inspired spouses of an earlier teacher grantee by name Gururaj. Her early years spent in school as a struggling drama teacher with limited recognition has motivated her to persistently work with her colleagues and students over time. The grant has been made to extend a formal structure and provide resources to conduct a series of workshop for her fellow colleagues to sensitise them to theatre education and the process she undertakes to realise a school production. Following the workshop she will work with interested colleagues to adapt school texts and co-direct plays giving them a real experience of the processes involved in building a production. By the end of the grant period, she and her colleagues will showcase the production to all cluster level schools advocating the possibilities for theatre in education.