Project 560, 2015

Project 560, 2015, is the second edition of Project 560, a found spaces initiative that seeks to encourage artists to creatively engage with Bangalore city’s found spaces, re-imagine them and bring them alive.

This special initiative comes from our desire to engage with a city that has nurtured and supported us for two decades. The idea was to encourage artists to creatively engage with non-proscenium found spaces in Bangalore, reimagine them, and bring them alive through performance. The event features a series of conversations with artists from Bangalore who received grants from IFA for their projects; a panel discussion with experts from the field; and multi-disciplinary performances and installations, across the city.

This city, like many others in the country, has moved, paused,  changed and negotiated with forces of urbanisation over the last many years. Project 560 is an effort to explore and understand the stories of these spaces, their histories and meanings through the contemplation, engagements and imagination of artists. We hope that it will enable the artists to re-imagine and re-define this city in innovative, unexplored ways.
- Arundhati Ghosh, Executive Director.

This year IFA partnered with Citi India to engage with the city through the festival, which will be held in December 2015; and the events leading up to the festival, including curated walks and artistic interventions for selected projects, between September and November 2015.

At Citi, we are committed to enabling socio-economic progress in the cities we live and work in and have always had a deep-rooted philosophy to support Indian arts and culture. Through our partnership with IFA for Project 560, we hope to collectively reimagine and revitalise the urban landscape and communities of Bangalore, by leveraging the transformative power of the Arts, while further promoting and preserving India’s cultural heritage.
- Debasis Ghosh, Public Affairs Officer, Citi India. 

The call for proposals for this edition of Project 560 went out in April 2015 and we received 27 proposals. These proposals were shortlisted to 11 and shared with the external evaluation panel.  Our external evaluation panel comprised three experts:

  • Vivek Shanbhag—acclaimed writer, novelist and playwright, based in Bangalore.
  • Maya Krishna Rao—theatre actor and director, based in New Delhi.
  • Deepa Ganesh—senior journalist with The Hindu, based in Bangalore.

Project 560, 2015 is partnered by Citi India.