Between 2008 and 2013, IFA published 13 issues of ArtConnect comprising essays, accounts, interviews and reviews on a fascinating array of subjects—female impersonators in Company Theatre in Kannada, Marathi Little Magazines, the forgotten lives and songs of the tawa’if in Benaras, violence in Kannada cinema, gender and the Indian documentary, the visual culture of early Urdu magazines to interviews with actor and theatre director MK Raina and other practitioners on SAHMAT (Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust) and with India’s first woman filmmaker Fatma Begum.

Lively, compelling writing and artwork across a host of disciplines and genres arranged and presented in an elegant format.

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Please note that each issue is priced at INR 100 per issue except for Volume 7, priced at INR 150.


Personal essays on the artistic process 
Cultural history 
Graphic art 
Glimpses of work in progress 
Accounts of journeys into the field 
Analyses of the political and social environments of the arts


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