Lady Anandi is a performance text written by Anuja Ghosalkar. It is a personal story of the actor-writer who is haunted by the ghost of her maternal great grandfather, a female impersonator in Marathi Theatre in the late 1800’s.


Praveen Kumar and Prakruti Kumar will explore the artistic dimensions of wildlife photography in India, and provide a glimpse into the processes of wildlife photography, such as, the various techniques involved, challenges behind shooting in the wild, preparation required pre-shoot and more!


Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai/Muzaffarnagar is an important film that seeks to shed light on the Muzaffarnagar Riots of 2003 and its aftermath. Nakul Sawhney, director of the film, will interact with the audience post the screening.


Nilanjan P Choudhury reads from his latest book, The Case of the Secretive Sister, which follows the quirky adventures of Mr Chatterjee from The Chatterjee Institute of Detection! The Case of the Secretive Sister is Nilanjan's second novel, after the critically acclaimed and successful, Bali and the Ocean of Milk.


Aparna U Banerjee and Sudebi Thakurata of Antara Collective, in a presentation: Body as a Site for Learning: Pedagogical Possiblities,  investigate methods of inquiry through engagement with the body. This talk will explore dance as a vital learning tool and study the transferrable skills and knowledge acquired through embodied learning, to explore possibilities for imaginative learning and creative problem solving.


Based on the short story Hanuman ki Ramayan by Devdutt Pattanaik, Gillo, with this performance, provides an intriguing peek to an alternative narrative of the Ramayan. Re-told by the cast that includes Hetal Varia, Prasad Dagare, Ghanshyam Tiwari, Vighnesh Sinkar, Vinati Makijany, Manoj Karki, the play will be accompanied by musicians Ravindra Belbansi and Janit Temkar.


Shashank talks about photography and his tail wagging muse—dogs! He also takes us on a journey through photographs from across India and talks about his experiments with the digital, film and polaroid mediums, as he captures stories from the forests of Masinagudi to the streets of our big cities.


In an hour of stories narrated by Ameen Haque, The Storywallahs, bring tales of love and hope, of making relationships work and of believing in dreams. A storytelling session that promises to speak of love, romance, passion and more.


Sarbari Gomes performs a few pieces of Rabindra Sangeet and gives a short presentation on the form. She will also talk about her inspiration and how she set off on this musical journey.


Ajay Cadambi engages in a delightful talk about music, courtesan singers and the cultural ethos of the twentieth century. Ajay is known for his venture My Music Archive, a Facebook platform for sharing Indian classical music. 


IFA in association with Sandbox Collective brings you a play, Cheruvannur Diaries - Typewriter Tales, by the Chennai-based theatre group Perch. Written and performed by Paul Mathew and directed by Rajiv Krishnan, the performance is about the experiences of a typewriter salesman in North Kerala in the 1980s. It is also acts as a tribute to the now defunct typewriter.


The Bangalore Harmonica Club’s (TBHC) members’ love for the instrument brought them together to popularise it and play music that cuts across genres. A few members of TBHC perform and talk -about their passion for music and the harmonica.


Sameera Iyengar is co-founder of Junoon, an organisation that aims to create platforms for theatre in India. Iyengar was also Director of Projects at Prithvi Theatre, and is the current Course Coordinator for India Theatre Forum's capacity building programme, SMART (Strategic Management in the Art of Theatre). She presents on her journey and experiences in theatre. 


Members of the community-based theatre and culture centre, The Freedom Theatre, Palestine, Faisal M.M. Abu Alhayjaa, Ahmad HF Al-Rokh and Alan Douglas Wright, speak about their cultural resistance against Israeli occupation, the role of theatre, and their work in Palestine.


Sudhanva Deshpande, actor and director with Jana Natya Manch - a radical political theatre collective based in New Delh i- engages with the audience and talks about his journey in theatre, his experiences with street theatre, and 'The JaNaM of Studio Safdar.'