We believe it is essential that the work we do is presented and accessible to the public, and we are constantly devising new ways to bring our work and the arts closer to public life. IFA facilitates and organises multiple events across the country through the year, to spread awareness and encourage public engagement with the arts as well as raise support for our projects.

IFA reaches out through a host of platforms - grant showcases by way of film screenings, exhibitions, performances, book launches, and discussions. We organise The IFA Open House sessions across India for potential grantees who can meet us with queries on grant criteria, application proces and evaluations and also, find an opportunity to interact with artists and scholars to learn about their work. We also partner with institutions across the spectrum to organise festivals, talks and seminars to encourage conversations and interventions between artists, scholars, institution builders and other stakeholders. We publish the Annual Report and Quarterly E-Newsletter which informs readers on our grants, initiatives, and events. We also produce specially commissioned books on the arts and culture. We create merchandise such as the Annual Calendar and a set of coasters and postcards featuring some of the grants that we have supported, as part of our dissemination efforts.