Nenapinangaladinda: Mapping Installation Art in Bangalore | Venkatappa Art Gallery | March 03, 2016

Nenapinangaladinda: Down Memory Lane – A Project 560, 2015 Arts Talkdiscussing the advent and progress of installation art in Bangalore with artists Sheela Gowda, Pushpamala N, M S Umesh, Tripura Kashyap, Raghavendra Rao,Shantamani and C F John.

Mapping Installation Art in Bangalore: 1993 – 2003: A dialogue on five selected art projects, provides a glimpse into the five art projects under discussion: Silence of Furies and Sorrows – Pages of a Burning City; EarthWork – A Time and Site Specific Art; Sthalapuranagalu; Sakshi Gudda Sakshi Gode and Walls of Memories – An Art Event of Unresolved Edges.

Moderated by Sundar Sarukkai the panel talk about their experiences, and experiments with materials, forms, language and space, at a time when galleries and other institutions were still largely focussing on conventional forms like sculptures and paintings. They also discuss Bangalore's artistic contribution to this field from the beginning of the movement in the 1990s, where individual and collaborative explorations of installation, performance and sound art, resulted in novel connections with land, communities and public spaces.  Other artists whose projects were represented are Ramesh Kalkur, Shamala, Srinivas Prasad, Azis T M, Ravisankar Rao, Amrish, Ramesh Chandra and Nandakishore.

Tripura Kashyap presents a re-creation of a performance from Silence of Furies and Sorrows, post the discussion.

Nenapinangaladinda: Down Memory Lane – Arts Talk, is part of Project 560, 2015, an IFA initiative, partnered by Citi India.