Arts Walk in Hanumantha Nagar | August 30 & September 06, 2015 | Bangalore

This walk leads us through the timeless lanes of Hanumantha Nagar with noted historian and chronicler of Bangalore's past, Suresh Moona.

An area with a unique balance of natural beauty and rich history, Hanumantha Nagar is ideally suited to examine Bangalore's connection with the arts. Travel through time as you meander past Kala Mandira, Ananda Milanadri Gudda, Harihara Gudda and Gavi Gangadhareshwara temple.

This Arts Walk begins at Kala Mandira, the hub of art and culture that has created a community for the arts in this pocket of Hanumantha Nagar. Established by renowned art patron A N Subba Rao, and currently flourishing under the leadership of A M Prakash, Kala Mandira has continually supported and encouraged the arts.

Suresh Moona established an NGO, An Association for Reviving Awareness About Monuments of Bengaluru Heritage(AARAMBH) in 1985, to encourage others fascinated in exploring this 470 year-old city. He shares his extensive knowledge and passion for Namma Ooru, through his writing, and by organising talks, exhibitions and walks around the city.

This Arts Walk is a part of Project 560, 2015, an IFA initiative, partnered by Citi India.